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Solid Life Fitness is here to provide information on nutrition, exercise and overall mental and fitness well being.  A well rounded life consists of a healthy mind, body and soul, thus the name Solid Life. Fitness is formed from these three pillars of life and each one needs special nutrients in order to function at optimum efficiency.   I hope you enjoy the blog posts and reviews.

With over four decades of living a healthy and fit lifestyle, I help you decipher through all the fads and gimmicks that exists in the nutrition and fitness world.

My Old Fart Training blog posts has information that deals with these topics as well as current trends and fads.  Everything noted in these posts is my opinion based on trying it myself or reading up on the literature to see if it is a viable solution to the problem being addressed.

Since I am passionate in what I do, I recommend products and services aimed at Nutrition, Supplements, Training and Equipment.

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