Newton’s Law or “Gravity never has a bad day”

It is safe to say that Sir Isaac Newton was not a gym rat otherwise the Law of Gravity would have taken on a whole new meaning!

Technically, Newton’s law of universal gravitation states that every mass in the universe attracts every other mass with a force that is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them.

In laymen’s terms this means if an apple breaks away from a branch it will drop to the ground.


In gym terms this means if you drop a weight, it will fall towards the ground AND land on you!

Now that we got the science (and pain) out of the way, lets talk more about gravity.

Gravity is always easy in the beginning…

Just like in a relationship where things are going great in the beginning, gravity plays the same role.

When you first start working out, your body is quickly adapting to the exercises by building muscle size and strength.  Gains are seen almost workout by workout, or at least week to week.

You begin to extrapolate your progress and boldly and confidently predict you will be a world champion weightlifter by the end of the year!

Gravity is an afterhthought since you smash its barriers every time you train. How much easier can this get? There is absolutely no stopping me.

Then like in a relationship, things can start to get sour. Your progress slows down, you start feeling down and you start not to like or appreciate gravity as much!

Dad drops reality on me…

My dad must have been really amused with my predictions.  He would just smile as if he knew something I didn’t!

My 5lb per week progress in lifting soon slowed down to 5lbs per month. It was then that he let me in on a secret that although Newton put it in mathematical terms, he could not understand in practical terms…

Gravity never has a bad day!

It just doesn’t! Ever! My dad would tell me that what separates weightlifting from other sports is that you are fighting against a foe that is always consistent…gravity. It never comes in tired from staying out all night, it doesn’t come in depressed because it just broke up with it’s partner. It is always there, a constant force to be reckoned with.

Thus the term he burned into my head……….. GRAVITY NEVER HAS A BAD DAY!

Over the years…

I have come to respect gravity.  Like in a relationship that has developed over time you gain a respect and understanding for each other.  On a good day where everything feels light I always tell everyone to ‘go for it’ and hit it as hard as you can because those days become fewer and farther apart.  Not because gravity is having a bad day, it’s because you are having a great day so why not take advantage of it and enjoy it!

The consistency of gravity now serves as a checkpoint of when I am doing great. How everything feels light. This in turns sets the mood for me the rest of the day and week. If I am kicking gravity’s ass, how hard can it be to kick everything else I encounter at work or life as well?!

So gravity now has become a friend I have learned to accept.  In good times and in bad, we have learned to work around and with each other!

Too much gravity can stop you from being….Fit Forlife

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