Power Meals…

Power Meals…

When working out hard you need to feed the body a good six times a day.  Each meal should have a combination of protein and complex carb.  It is very hard to get the meals in sometimes due to work or family life and especially if you don’t food prep.

This is why I have several favorite power meals that are quick to make and provide a good kick of protein and complex carbs.  These are not protein shakes since they are super to make, these are actual meals.

Oatmeal and…

Oatmeal provides a great source of fiber. I can’t go without it.  I like to make an oatmeal and whey protein meal occasionally.

I heat up a scoop of oatmeal in a bowl via microwave or a pot. The key here is to add extra water to make it more than mushy once done.

AFTER it is cooked, you then add a scoop or two of whey protein. I prefer vanilla because it takes on the flavor of anything else you add to it.


For an extra kicker, I may add something like walnuts, berries and/or raisins to raise the level of fiber, omega-3 and anti-oxidants.

Then I finish it off by sprinkling cinnamon, it serves for added flavor and metabolic boost.

Eggs and…

I like eggs for many reasons. First they are easy to make in several styles (hard boiled, scrambled, fried), they go with many complex carbs, and they are next to whey in terms of quality protein.

One of my faves is just eggs and wild rice.  Now I always have a bowl of rice already made. They last 3-4 days if kept in a glass container, so the rice is ready to go at all times.

eggs and rice

Just throw 2-3 egg whites with one egg yolk in a small frying pan and you have a power meal ready in about three minutes.

Eggs and…

An egg and cheese sandwich.  I have one of those very small frying pans made specifically for eggs. It makes them perfectly circular and to fit within a piece of bread.

 egg sandwich

I fry two to three egg whites with one egg yolk, and I also toast two pieces of wheat bread (you can obviously choose any bread you want).  Then I spread some low fat mayo on the bread, place the egg on top then a layer of cheese for added protein. Sprinkle some pepper to add a little bit of spiciness and you are ready to go.

You may also do them scrambled and for added boost a nice slice of ham.

Cottage cheese and…

Low fat cottage cheese is used here. I stay away from no fat cottage cheese because they are high in sugar and don’t eat the regular cottage cheese because they are high in fats so I choose something in between, low fat.

cottage cheese

Just like in the oatmeal case, I add berries and nuts to kick in fiber, anti-oxidants and omegas.

Nutritional breakdown

All these meals provide anywhere between 18-25 grams of protein, 5-10 grams of fiber and are about 175-250 calories.  A perfect meal to add any time during the day but especially at night if you missed a meal during the day and want to add one more before going to bed.

You may say, wait, aren’t you supposed to stay away from carbs late at night? I have never been a big believer in that philosophy or train of thought.  If you eat clean most of the time and exercise regularly, all these crazy carb rules does not apply to you. Besides the amount of carbs you are getting in these meals are not that great anyways.

So try a power meal and be……..Fit Forlife!

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