Do you know your biorhythm?

First let me say I am not the type that believes in astrology, conspiracy theories, the Skunk Ape, Lochness Monster, and other tales.  I am usually a skeptic until proven otherwise.  However, I do want to talk about something that has always intrigued me only because I could see a correlation between it and my training the majority of times.  I am talking about Biorhythm’s.

Biorhythm Chart

The theory behind biorhythm is that your body cycles in rhythms like many things in nature since the time you were born.  Three cycles are primarily identified as being part of your biorhythm.  These are the Physical, Emotional and Intellectual cycle.  Each one has different cycle lengths and impact certain aspects of your body both physically and mentally.

In a cycle, which looks like a sine wave, you will reach one ‘high’ point and one ‘low’ point.  The days between the high and low point you are either heading towards a peak (the high point) or slumping downwards towards a low.

The Physical, Emotional and Intellectual cycles oscillate since birth and have different oscillation lengths.  They each control a certain aspect of mind and body as follows:

Physical Cycle: 23 days in length.  Impacts physical strength, well being and coordination.

Emotional Cycle: 28 days in length. Impacts creativity, mood, perception and awareness.

Intellectual Cycle: 33 days in length. Impacts alertness, analysis, memory and communication.

I first became aware of bio’s when I was a competitive Olympic lifter.  Back then the Russian’s and Bulgarians ruled the world.  They used to do many unique things in their lifting programs and I read about bio’s back then.

In weightlifting the two most important cycles are the strength (duh) and intellectual.  Just to see if there was any validity to this, I went back and checked what my bio’s were for the past two years of weightlifting contests.

To my surprise, I found a high correlation of when my good contests (measured by pounds lifted) were compared with my physical and intellectual highs.  You want to catch the cycle from a couple of days before the high and a couple of days after.  Strength cycle was more important than intellectual cycle but when you catch both of them peaking or coming down from a peak at the same time, your body was tuned in for top performance.

Next I compared it to training days when I would break personal records. Again, I found a pretty high correlation.

I never let it dominate how I trained but whenever I would have great days I would check and 75% of the time I was hitting highs.  On bad days, the same was true quite often.  I didn’t let it dominate how I trained or when I competed although it was very tempting to do so.

Since I couldn’t control when major contests were, I preferred not to know where it fell on the cycle until AFTER the meet.  The last thing I needed was to be going to nationals knowing I was going to be down physically and intellectually!

Today was a good example.  I had an incredibly good chest day. Unusual since I didn’t get enough sleep the night before.  I decided to check the bio’s and found my physical at an all time high and the intellectual just two days out from the high.  I timed my workout just right!

To check out your biorhythm, check this link and place your DOB:

Biorhythm Chart


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