What I like about the Dr. Oz show…

I don’t watch much television or at least the shows that deal with what I consider mindless stuff that clutters the mind. I guess this amounts to about 98% of all cable programming but I do have a few select favorites I like to watch.

One of those is the Dr. Oz show which airs daily, Monday through Fridays. I record them so when I get home from work I can watch it without commercials and skip the topics I am not interested in.

This post is about the things I like about the show and a follow up post will be on the things I don’t like about the show. Yes, there are things I don’t like about the way Dr. Oz presents topics but I will keep you in suspense until further notice!

I like that he is a doctor that is open to health and wellness as a preventative way of staying healthy. Most doctors just think about giving out prescriptions to treat the symptoms rather than finding out what caused the symptom to begin with. Dr. Oz does a great job of presenting great topics in these areas one show after another.

I also like his demo’s to prove his point, although some may seem goofy at times. His use of visualization is excellent. Most people just don’t get it by listening to someone or reading about it. They need to have it presented in simple terms. Again, an A+ in this area.

He is a big proponent of feeding the body as well as the mind. Most people understand that in order for the body to be well, it must be nourished well. While they may understand this, they do not know how to do it. Dr. Oz has great dieting tips for this.

But just as important if not more so, is nourishing the mind. Mind and body are interconnected. The mind can overcome amazing deficiencies. Most people do not understand this. Most people have no idea how poisonous having negative thoughts, hatred, and outlook on life can destroy the body physically.

Dr. Oz does great work in this area by consistently having people that are spiritual, practice yoga and meditation.

There is no silver bullet to a healthy lifestyle. It takes a combination of mind, body and spirit. That’s what my site is all about in fact.

I am surprised as a medical doctor how he seems to despise drugs in lieu of natural remedies. This is a big bonus for him as well.

He spends a lot of time on proper food nutrition and rightly so with the growing epidemic of diabetes, heart disease and obesity in this country.

So if you want to see a show that won’t waste your time, give very good sound advice, and presented in a very understandable manner, watch Dr. Oz. It airs around 4PM eastern in my area on the ABC network.

My next post I will write about what I don’t like about the show…

Feed the mind and body in order to be……..Fit Forlife

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