What I don’t like about the Dr. Oz show…

Ok, in my last post I told you all the reasons why I like the Dr. Oz show. It is a show about wellness, being positive and is a far cry from the other shows at that time which deal with drama and misery.

That being said however, there are a few things that irks me about the show and I feel it would be far more productive if they changed their approach. These are…

It’s not your fault!

In today’s society, no one wants to shoulder blame or responsibility for their shortcomings. Any type of service being sold nowadays, especially in wellness, caters to that mindset by letting you know that it is not your fault that you can’t ‘fill in the blank’. It’s the best way to sell a product or service. The Dr. Oz show is no different.

In order to make their message more appealing, they will many times start off a segment by saying something like ‘have you ever wondered why you couldn’t do xxxxx’ or ‘why do you always seem to fail when attempting xyz’, etc. Then they follow it up by saying ‘well it’s not your fault because behind the scenes this and this is happening to you’.

To me they are not being totally truthful. While it may be true that there are scientific reasons why you struggle to accomplish something, especially in wellness like losing weight or toning up, the fact remains there are people that have those same scientific reasons yet do achieve their goal. The reason? Mindset, will power, focus, planning, and self talk that you will achieve what you are trying to accomplish.

It would be great that when they talk about ‘what to do’ physically, like eating and exercise, they also include the ‘how to do it’ mental part of it.

The mind and body are connected. They act as one, they are not independent of each other, they are codependent on each other! You can’t have one without the other and this show misses the target when they place failure on something other than what you mentally failed to achieve!

They make it too simple!

Again, to appeal to the masses, every product and service does the same thing, keep it simple and easy to do. After all, who could ever sell something if you advertise it as ‘the hardest thing you will ever have to do in your life!’ People don’t like change, and people shy away from hard challenges. This is beautifully explained in Rory Vaden’s bestselling book Take the Stairs. The Dr. Oz show does the same thing.

Want to lose weight around the hip, eat this type of food. Want to increase your fat burning, add these herbs and spices. The topics and easy remedies are endless.

I appreciate learning about nutrition and what can help trigger or accelerate a metabolic change that you are trying to accomplish in your body, but please don’t sell me on the ‘silver bullet’ solution and all you have to do is this one thing. This just isn’t true and I hate it when he has a fan of the show come on and say ‘oh yes, I tried this for x number of weeks and it’s a miracle, I achieved all my goals’. I bet if they came back six months later they would be back to where they were before they got started.

They need to sell the truth which is, this may and can help, but it also requires you to do ‘this’ as well and make it a lifestyle, not a fad, gimmick or short term fix to something.

So if you want to get some great wellness tips, watch Dr. Oz but also keep in mind, that none of it is easy, there isn’t ‘one simple magic bullet’ that will do what you are trying to accomplish and that it also takes the ability to have the right mindset in order to be…Fit Forlife!

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