Spring cleaning the mind…

Everybody has heard and done spring cleaning. Time to throw out the old and unused, clean the place up, making it tidy and in order. But did you know that there is also a mental spring cleaning one can do?

In today’s society with all the stress of work, family, the economy, your future, one’s mind can become a cluttered garage with negative thoughts, guilt and worries taking up space. This does the body and spirit no good. It lowers your defense mechanism. It encourages the onslaught of disease and takes away from overall wellbeing.

So how do you unclutter the mind?

Well just like spring cleaning where you have to pick what you are going to do first, then second and so on you have to have some place to start with the mind as well.

The first thing I like to do is get away from the environment causing all the headaches. This is probably why I normally use a long weekend or vacation week to set my planning.

Being away from work immediately starts putting you at ease. Your mind is now ready to begin the process.

Next is developing a plan on what you want to accomplish from this mental cleaning. It doesn’t have to be detailed. It can be something like ‘I need to have issue x resolved while I’m away’, or ‘I want to figure out where I want to be five years from now’, etc. You can work on the details later.

Now some people may not have a plan nor want to develop one because they just want to get away for a little while. But realize that getting away for a little while IS A PLAN! I just suggest the above because when you start uncluttering your mind, solutions to problems just seem to come a little easier.

With a somewhat loose plan in place, I always then pick a place that I enjoy the most. This may be a place where you can only spend a few hours each day, or maybe a couple of days, or whatever amount of time you can find while away from work. Personally, I love the outdoors so my place would be a beach or park, whether it be local, county, state or national.

Zion National Park, view from Angels Landing Trail

Zion National Park, view from Angels Landing Trail

Who, what, and where?

Next is, do I go alone or with family or friends? This can be a bit complicated since you may want to go alone but family commitments won’t allow it. Why not take this opportunity to include them in it. If you do, you have to make sure that they are going for the same purpose.

Going with family may be a perfect opportunity to discuss relationship issues and concerns in a deep meaningful way, away from the environment you normally live under. If you go with friends, they can’t be ‘negatudes’, people that always have negative thoughts and opinions.

Take hikes, read an enjoyable book, listen to music, meditate or what I like to call vegetate via day dreaming in order to stretch your mind. This is very therapeutic and allows you to tackle any issues you want to address.

Seward Glacier

Seward, Alaska

Relive your happiest moments in life and see what made them happy and what can you do to bring them back. This may require some deep soul searching and decisions being made but that is very similar to the choices you make when you are throwing out stuff except on a spiritual level.

Don’t just stop there!

Also see what you can do to have mini-getaways. I have my own little parks close to work that are very relaxing. A quick escape there during lunch or on a way to a meeting can be extremely invigorating. Think of it as a mini-workout for the mind!

Spring cleaning the mind is one way to be….Fit Forlife!

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