Working the back, Part 1…

I love working out the back and I have posted about back training before.  This time I am including some videos since the way to maximize a back workout has a lot to do with several techniques you must employ.

First is variety. The back is very complex and the only way to hit it properly is by doing a bunch of different exercises hitting all angles.  Pulldowns with wide, medium and close grips. Seated pulldowns with the same grip styles to hit the lower part of the back.  Hand placement and speed of which you do your reps is important.  Good mornings or hyperextensions (the best and most passive exercise for the lower back).

Personally I do 8-10 exercises, 2 to 3 sets per exercise.  Once you are warmed up, you can start at a good weight as you move from one exercise to another.

I like to hit about three sets of wide grip exercises to two sets of close grip.  The body is an optical illusion so I spend more time building width versus thickness.  Everyone has their own preference.

The first exercise shown here is wide grip lat pulldowns.  I like to get the widest bar possible and grab it at its furthest point.   The key, in my opinion for a good back workout is range of motion without the arms getting more play than it has to.

That means I like to spread my lats out at the top of the rep then when coming down I pretend like I am trying to pinch a pencil between my shoulder blades.  This kicks in the back muscles.  Also note that I bring it down to chin level only.  Any more than that and you are working out more arms (biceps) than anything else.

The next video is the same lat pulldowns with a medium grip.  The reason is that it allows you to use a little more weight.  Again, note how I keep the elbows flared way out in order to spread my lats as much as possible on the top part of the rep.

I don’t like to swing the bar like most guys do in order to handle more weight.  That is using more momentum than muscles when you do that.  Each rep is slow and deliberate.  YOU HAVE TO FEEL THE MUSCLE. Also note when coming down that I try to flex and squeeze the back as much as possible to engage every little muscle possible…

Next installment I will show two other favorite back exercises.  The variety is endless since you can get the same generic exercise like I have shown here, and depending on what type of bar you are using or hand spacing, it hits the back a little differently.

The back is a major foundation of your body, don’t neglect it so you can be…Fit Forlife!



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