Having your cake and eating it too! Yosemite!!!

Well, I am sure the title got your attention! Since this is a site that covers not only physical fitness, but also includes mental and spiritual fitness, you thought this was a post about picking your temptation then indulging in it.

Although you can do some of that with moderation and as long as it is not (too) harmful, this post is about refreshing your mind, feeding your spirit and getting physical exercise all at the same time!

There is nothing better to recharge your batteries than being out in nature.  One of my favorite things to do is hiking in some of our National Parks.

National Park System

The National Park System (NPS) was started back in 1916 through the initial efforts of a  California business magnate, Stephen Mather, conservationist Horace McFarland, and a journalist, Robert Sterling Yard.  Through their connections and strengths, they were able to run a successful publicity campaign which resulted in the creation of the NPS under the Department of the Interior through President Woodrow Wilson.

Stephen Mather became the first director of the NPS.  Today we have 59 national parks.

The NPS has created amazing trails ranging from easy to strenuous and everything in between.  The longer and strenuous trails are great for two reasons.  Not as many people take them so you are more to yourself, and they provide an incredible physical and cardio workout at high altitude.

This isolation allows one to stop in their many overlook points and meditate, recharge the mind and spirit before proceeding onward and upward.


Yosemite is one of my favorite parks. It consists of over 700,000 acres, consists of five different topographies each with many trails. One of the best trails is Yosemite Falls, home to the longest waterfall in the country, 2,425 feet from top to bottom.

P1010649 modified Overlooking the falls, Yosemite Point, are pools of water from the river that feeds it with temperatures ranging in the 50’s to 60’s.  A fantastic place to relax, soak the feet in crystal clear water and just let your mind wander…

P1010670 modified Just above Yosemite Point is North Dome, at an elevation of 7, 543 feet, providing an amazing view of the valley and famous Half Dome…

View of Half Dome from North Dome

View of Half Dome from North Dome

The pace and rest intervals you decide to take is like increasing or decreasing the weight on the bar or the speed of a stairmaster machine.  You control the exercise level while out in nature.  There is no better way to exercise the mind and body!

Climbing and hiking for 8.5 miles with a 2,500 foot elevation change is one way to be…. Fit Forlife!


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