Throw out the DIET word, it’s what’s causing you to fail!

I hate the word diet!  It almost implies that it is temporary.  While the actual definition doesn’t reference it in that manner, the way we use it in a sentence surely does:

‘I need to get on a diet since summer is coming’

‘I have a class reunion to go to so I need to get on a serious diet’

‘I’ve been invited to be part of a wedding this fall, if I don’t get on a diet, I won’t look good standing there in front of everyone’…

I think the reason most diets DO NOT work is because of that reason, everyone interprets it as a short term fix to something then they can go back to old and bad habits.  That is why there are millions (ok maybe I exaggerate but there are a lot of them) of diet books out there.

No one wants to blame themselves for failing a diet or not sticking to it.  After all, YOU don’t have control over what YOU put in their mouth right (sarcasm)?  Blame it on the diet book, your friends, family, anyone, UFO’s, sunspots, anything but YOU!

The diet industry knows that, this is why they thrive on having so many gimmicky diet books out there.  This one didn’t work, it’s not your fault, try this one instead. And on and on and on.

This is why you need to throw out the word DIET.  Mentally you have already established it is temporary, so there is no way you are going to last very long on it.  The phrase that should be used instead for a permanent goal is MEAL PLAN.

A Meal Plan is a way of life, a lifestyle, it is a vision and goal on how you are going to feed and nourish your body for the rest of your life.

A Meal Plan cuts through a lot of red tape when it comes to getting back in shape.  For starters, it throws out all the gimmick diets out there like; eat nothing but fat, eat no carbs, juice for x days, stay away from xyz food, eat grapefruits.

Some are so ridiculous I am shocked and amazed people fall for it.  The only thing that those diets have in common is that it temporarily (there’s that word again) tricks the body into losing fat for a very short time period but it is not sustainable.

A Meal Plan also keeps it simple.  In order for it to be achievable and sustained, day in and day out, it must be easy to prepare, tasty and readily available.  It needs to be real food that you can buy at any grocery store.

I have written about meal preps many times before.  Click on Nutrition to see all my posts and the one specifically to meal prep for the week can be found here.

So, if you want to be successful in achieving your goals, get off the diet and get on a meal plan.  It’s the only way you are going to be…Fit Forlife!

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