What do you want and how bad do you want it?

I always get asked the question ‘how can I get in shape?’ That is such an open ended question. It’s like asking ‘what kind of car should I get?’

I always ask them two questions, What do you want and How bad do you want it?

What do you want?

What do you want?

There are many versions of getting in shape. It can be something as simple as losing a few pounds to changing an entire lifestyle.

So you have to develop a plan. How’s that saying go, Having no plan is a perfect plan for failure! We need to take first things first. For example:

Goal: Lose 30 pounds…replace body fat with lean muscle.

How 1: Develop a training program. Within that program, what activities are you going to perform, frequency, when, how long, workout partner or no, gym or outdoors, timeline to accomplish this in? All this must be planned in advance and tweaked as you implement it to compensate for unexpected outcomes.

How 2: Come up with a nutrition plan. Need to keep it simple, one that works with your daily life at work and home. Get the family involved, only way to increase success is to involve those around you that can also push you towards failure, i.e. you are eating a healthy fish and rice plate and they are having pizza!

How 3: Have mini-milestones along the way. You don’t climb Mount Everest with one step. Getting in shape is the same thing. In order to achieve your goal, your timeline should have milestones to check progress.

Depending on the length of your timeline, these milestones may be daily, weekly, monthly. I do not recommend anything longer than monthly since you do need positive reinforcement.

These milestones can be bodyweight, fitting into a certain outfit, or just physical appearance in front of the mirror. I rarely recommend paying attention to the scale because it is deceiving. Some people actually gain weight initially when starting a lifting program because they are building muscle and burning fat off. The volume on a pound of muscle is much less than a pound of fat so while the scale may show you have not lost any weight, you may actually be losing waist or dress size.

How bad do you want it?

I want this!

Ok so you have a totally kick ass plan per the above. It is beautifully laid out with great detail and has hit on all the points above. This is a guarantee for success right? Wrong!

No plan will ever work unless you want it bad, real bad! Attitude is everything. As such, there are things you can do to help your plan succeed:

  1. Positive Self Talk, every morning perform a daily affirmation to yourself that promotes the success of your plan:
  2. I am capable of accomplishing my goal of xxxxxxxxxxx.
  3. I have properly planned for this goal and will not fail.
  4. I am meeting my milestones and each day I get closer towards that goal.
  5. I surround myself with people that will help me accomplish my goal.
  6. I stay away from any negative thoughts or people that will keep me from accomplishing my goal.
  7. I will overcome any setbacks I may run into as I reach my goal.
  8. Visualize your goal during daily affirmations. Look in the mirror. See and imagine what you want to accomplish. Believe in it, believe in yourself.
  9. Do not be afraid of setbacks. Realize that reaching your goal is a process where opportunities and roadblocks will present themselves which gives you the chance to problem solve around them.
  10. Make your goal a priority, the highest priority if need be. There are 24 hours in a day, 168 hours in a week. Anyone can carve out 10 hours a week to help better themselves.

Once you start seeing progress, this will hopefully motivate you to move forward and faster. It is ok to adjust your goal, either by making it more aggressive or stretching it out more. The key here is that you are always in a positive and progressive state.

Knowing what you want and wanting it real bad is one way to be…Fit Forlife!

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