Simplify your life by turning up the pressure!

I am all about convenience and keeping it simple, especially when it comes to food prepping.  So I wanted to share with you something that everyone should have in their kitchen…….a pressure cooker!  In this case, an electronic one that gives you a lot more variety and control than what your mom or grandma use to have.

One way to maintain a healthy meal plan throughout the week is to prepare food that will last at least three days.  This keeps you from being lazy during the week and eating something out because you don’t want to spend the time preparing for it. I BBQ on a grill quite often to prepare three days worth of food but a pressure cooker allows you to do the same thing but with a lot more flexibility.

The variety of things you can do is endless not only for preparing seafood, chicken or meat, but also for soups and all kinds of grains. Although I pressure cook chicken most of the time, I do like to eat meat every one or two weeks.  I find that two days of meat helps me recuperate more and fills my muscles.  I have no scientific evidence for this, but I can feel it.

So I would like to share with you one meal prep using skirt steak, one of my faves, which I did a couple of weeks ago. First I take out 3-4 pounds of skirt steak and some of my preferred seasoning.

Skirt Steak and seasoning

Skirt Steak and seasoning

The ingredients in the background are minced garlic, Sweet Bourbon BBQ sauce (low in sugar), Mesquite Grill Mate and a spice which a friend of mine brought over from Mexico. I get the pressure cooker container and spray it with Pam and pour a little bit of olive oil.

Skirt Steak being sautéed

Skirt Steak being sautéed

Now I get the skirt steak and remove any excess fat, cut it into small pieces about the size of a play card and drop it in the pressure cooker bowl while it is set to sauté. While I am turning the skirt steak I add the spices, cut up some scallions, peppers and onions and add it to the mix…

Scallions, peppers and onions

Scallions, peppers and onions

meal 5

I then add it to the marinating skirt steak and pour the Bourbon BBQ sauce…

Veggies added to marinating skirt steak

Veggies added to marinating skirt steak

Next are the potatoes…

meal 4

You cut them into quarters or more depending on their original size.  You do not want to cut them too small because they will break apart in the pressure cooker…

meal 9

Stirring them well with the veggies and meat, you now place the pressure cooker top on, stop the sautéed mode and go straight into the stew mode.

Depending on your pressure cooker and the amount of meat being stewed, set the setting so that when it is done, the meat just pulls apart completely tenderized.  In my case, 3-4 pounds of skirt steak meant about 55 minutes in the stew mode…

meal 10

Cooked for 55 minutes in stew mode…

As you can see, the skirt steak cooked in a broth made up of its own juices and the bourbon BBQ sauce.  What I love about this is that the meat (or chicken) completely absorbs the flavors unlike normal cooking where most of it escapes into the air.

The broth left over can now be used to cook grains such as wild rice, freekeh or whatever else you prefer.

meal 11

This provides 5-6 meals with a perfect blend of carbs and protein….

So if you want to make your life easier, turn up the pressure with this type of cooker and you can be…Fit Forlife!

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