Lower Chest Fly’s on Pec Dec Machine

There are many ways to train each body part with some being more complex than others.  Hand position, body position, movement, angles, rep/set combo’s, rest periods, speed are all variables in any exercise that you perform.

After you have been working out awhile, your body has a remarkable way of adapting to anything you throw at it after a few workouts.  This is why you have to always be changing the variables described above because although your body easily adapts, it also is easily confused!

When it comes to chest, it is somewhere in the middle of the complexity scale with back, in my opinion being the most complex followed closely by legs and at the other end, arms.  But there are many things one can do to add that added twist of pain (and pleasure) to your chest workout.

One of those exercises with a twist is the standard pec dec fly’s on a machine.  Pec dec machines are meant to simulate free weight fly’s.  With free weights however, you can perform them easily using a bench set in the incline position or flat bench position or even the decline bench position.  This hits upper, middle and lower parts of your chest.

When people use a pec dec machine in lieu of free weights, 99% of them set the seat at a level where the fly simulates a flat bench position with free weights.  But did you know that you can also simulate the incline and decline bench position by hand spacing and/or body position? Yes you can!

In this post I will deal only with the decline bench position on a pec dec machine.  The video below will also illustrate how it is done.

Note that you do not sit on the bench seat of the machine.  You stand as high as you can without your head hitting the top of the pec dec.  You also place your hands as far down on the handles in order to simulate a 30 to 45 degree angle of a decline bench.

While you always want to set the start/stop pin position at an angle that really stretches the chest  as you perform these fly’s, be cautious that you will probably not be able to set it as far as you normally would with a standard pec dec exercise.

So try a twist to your chest routine and give these a try.  I like to perform three sets of 10-15 reps in a very nice and controlled fashion or perform a 4X set for the ultimate burn.

It’s all about the angles in order to be…Fit Forlife!


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