Just another walk in the park!

Working out in a gym has pluses and minuses.  The plus’s are that the right gym will have a great workout atmosphere, a variety of machines, free weights, cardio machines and exercise classes.

The down side is that you are limited to the hours of operation, the time that you work out may be the most crowded time of the day and sometimes, the sanitary conditions in the locker room may not be the greatest.

All that as a given, I still use the gym over 90% of the time as my primary way of getting my exercise.  However, living in Florida where you have year round great weather, why not take your workouts to a park or the beach?

Beach Workout

Beach Workout

With just some basic equipment and some imagination, you can do this and get just as good a workout. Not to mention, really work up a sweat and some unusual stares at the same time! But that never really bothered me since it is after all, a park meant for recreation and exercise!

The video below is just an average park with a covered sheltered where each column serves as a work station.  By placing the picnic table in the right place and your equipment at each column, you can perform a multitude of exercise.

You are also not limited to a covered shelter.  These could have very easily been trees or what have you.  Take advantage of the geography too.  The park in the video has a grassy storm drainage channel that is almost always dry and has a very steep angle.  I have used this channel to perform walking lunges at an incline or hopping to the top.

The only limitation is what your mind can conjure up.  So don’t just go to the gym, go outdoors, get a great workout and enjoy nature while being…Fit Forlife!

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