Reverse grip shoulder presses…

There are many ways to change an exercise just by adjusting your grip width or hand placement.  When it comes to shoulders, I have found I had to do it out of necessity.

From over 40 years of training hard, especially when I competed, my shoulder has gone through some abuse.  I have no doubt I will eventually need surgery but I try to avoid it at all cost.  The ways that I have been able to do this is by changing weights used, exercises performed, rep speed and hand placement.

For shoulders, I find it very hard to perform regular barbell presses.  The pain is too much and not worth it. So how can I train shoulders if I can’t perform presses?  By changing grips!!!

The video below depicts reverse grip shoulder presses.  The twisting of the hands so the palms face you rather than away from you, rotates the shoulder joint just enough to take away the pain.

I like to place the hands the same distance apart as if I was doing regular shoulder presses.  I also like to do them in this sliding Smith Machine because it makes it feel like a free bar movement but you still have the safety and support of a Smith Machine.  You can perform them with a free bar however, if you do not have a Smith Machine in your gym.

I like to go through as much range of motion as possible. This means bringing the bar all the way down to the shoulders and extending upward to an almost locked out position.  With a reverse grip it is difficult to be able to extend as high as a regular shoulder press.

This exercise is an excellent way to hit the front delts.

Sometimes you just have to put things in reverse to be…Fit Forlife!


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