The importance of citrates…

Most people are well aware that vitamins are good for you. They are also well aware that few people eat a balanced daily diet so the need for vitamin supplementation is necessary.

What many people ignore however, is proper mineral supplementation. Minerals work hand with vitamins for proper cell maintenance that impacts every facet of your body.

For a post on the top five most important minerals, go here.

For the few that are aware of mineral importance, just a small handful recognize that many minerals are hard to ingest unless it has a catalyst. Minerals, by themselves are poorly absorbed by the body.

So what’s the answer?

Supplement companies answer this problem by binding amino acid chelates to their mineral products. Common chelates used are citric acid or citrate, malic acid or malate, or picolinic acid or picolinate.

Depending on the type of mineral, one of the three chelates are used. Citrate is commonly used with the major minerals like Magnesium and Calcium. Picolinate is commonly used with trace minerals like iron.

So how does it work?

When a mineral is chelated, in this case, with citrate, it is usually bound to an amino acid or protein. The mineral itself has a positive or negative charge depending on the type of mineral.

When it is chelated it is bound to a protein with the opposite charge. The final result will be a neutral molecule. The theory is that a neutral chelated molecule will be more completely absorbed than a non-chelated form.

I used to take calcium and magnesium by itself thinking I was saving a few bucks and not buying those with citrate. Then one day the vitamin store did not have what I wanted so I reluctantly bought and used Magnesium Citrate.

What a difference between regular Magnesium and one that has been bound with citrate! Once I started reading up on it, I am hooked. Maximize absorption and maximize the money you spend on supplementation by chelating when you can. Not to mention that because your absorption increases, you can actually lower the amount of milligrams you take.

Add a little amino acid to your life, chelate and be….Fit Forlife!


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