High pulls for traps and shoulder development…

Body development is just as much an optical illusion as it is getting bigger and/or more defined.  Want to make your waist smaller?  Work out the core, do cardio and eat right or….you make your shoulders look wider!

Want to make your shoulders look wider? Do lots of delt work like presses or perform high pulls to build the delt/trap tie in.

The video below depicts performing high pulls on a cable machine.  I prefer cable over free weights for a couple of reasons.  First and foremost, it is more passive on the joints.  Secondly, it helps you keep form.  When performing high pulls with free weights, as you get tired you tend to want to pull with the back and swing which can lead to injury.

Notice how I try to keep the elbows out to the side and bring them up towards the ceiling as opposed to angling back behind me.  Doing it this way hits the side delts head on and gets the traps involved at the end.

Also note how I try to pull them all the way up to just under the chin and neck.  This extends the range of motion and I have always felt for a nice symmetrical body, nothing beats full range of motion.  I will go lighter to keep full range of motion rather than heavier and cutting the range down.

If you don’t have cables you can also do them with dumbbells which I will show in  a later post.

So get those shoulders growing and start doing high pulls and be….Fit Forlife!


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