Rear delts…

As I have posted before, I always like to hit a muscle group from every direction possible.  There are many ways to accomplish this.  By performing different exercises but more importantly, and what few people do, performing the same exercise but changing body position (angle), grip width, type of grip or apparatus.

One such exercise is the rear delt machine.  Most people perform them sitting on the bench provided.  I like to alternate between sitting on the bench or standing up.  Sometimes I may alternate these positions between sets or even between reps.

The video below illustrates performing the rear delt exercise while standing up.  It hits the rear delts from just enough of a different angle to help them fully develop.  Doing the same exercise in the same fashion over and over again, creates stagnation.  The body needs to always be in a state of confusion in order for it to respond efficiently towards exercise.

Regardless of whether I am sitting down or standing up, note how I also keep my arm position constant throughout the entire rep.  In other words, the angle between my upper and lower arm stays the same with the elbows slightly unlocked for better leverage and to hit the delts more directly.

Always change positions in order to be….Fit Forlife!


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