Shoulder Presses on a lat machine!

You always hear me talk about varying your routine and exercises so the muscles are in a constant state of confusion.  One way of doing this is by performing exercises for a particular body part on a machine that is meant for another body part!

Extreme caution must be used when trying this however since you are doing something normally not intended for what you are about to do.  This is not to say that it is not safe, but rather that sometimes there are limits to what you are trying to accomplish.

As such, when experimenting, I usually try it with no weight just to see if it feels right, ask myself if it hits the muscle I am trying to train, and can it cause injury.

One that I recently discovered is performing single arm presses on a Hammer Strength Low Row Lat machine.  A typical one is shown here:

Hammer Strength Low Row Lat Machine

Hammer Strength Low Row Lat Machine

As you can see, it is meant to train your lower lats by sitting on the bench seat and facing into the machine.  Grabbing the lower handles and ‘pulling’ towards you is what works out the lats.

However, I noticed that the bar where the plates are loaded is the perfect height (shoulder level) for me to grasp the bar and press upward.  If you are shorter you can always find some sort of platform or lay 45 pound plates on the floor to give you some height.

Facing away from the handles, as noted in the video below, you can position the body to hit either the front or side delts.  I have performed them for a couple of weeks now and I can tell you that it gives a great and different burn than performing dumbbell presses.

So give this a try.  Muscle confusion is yet another way to stay…Fit Forlife

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