Overhead triceps on a seated lat pull machine…

I am sure you are already sick and tired of me saying this but I will say it again.  The best way to train the muscle is to constantly confuse it.  One of my favorite ways of doing this is by performing an exercise on a machine that is not meant for the muscle I am training.

In today’s post, its about doing overhead tricep extensions on a seated lat pull machine.  Not all lat machines will do, it should be one where you can position your body in a way that creates a solid foundation for stability and balance while performing the exercise.

Fortunately this applies to most seated lat machines in gyms today.

In the video below, note how doing overhead extensions on a lat machine allows me to maximize range of motion while maintaining balance.  You cannot do this with an EZ curl bar and you also need a spotter when performing it with a bar if you want to use maximum weights.

Another thing I like about this exercise is that it is more passive on the joints and easier to get started than with free weights because you are using cables.

Give this a try as you continue to be…Fit Forlife!

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