Shoulder shrugs on lat machine…

This is part of a series of performing exercises on machines not meant for the muscle you are training.

I have already shown several different and unique ways of training your traps since they are a difficult muscle to get decent development out of.  One of my favorites which I perform at the end of a back routine is performing shoulder shrugs while laying down on a lat pull machine.

As you can see in the video, the start of the exercise is the same as if I was going to do lat pulls.  However, there is no real pulling involved.  The initial part of the exercise I call ‘the squeeze’ where all you do is squeeze your shoulder blades together to engage the back.

While you are performing the squeeze, you start to raise your traps upwards as if you were standing up performing a normal shoulder shrug.  When you reach the top of the movement, you squeeze and hold that position for a split second.  That is one rep.

The combination of squeezing the shoulder blades together at the start, then moving into an upward shrug of the shoulders followed by another squeeze at the top, gives you an incredible burn.  It also helps develop the ‘tie-in’ between traps and back.

Varying your routine is just another way to be…Fit Forlife

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