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Casein Protein Drinks…

Hope you enjoy this video on the merits of casein protein and when is the best time to take it. For additional information on fiber click here.  For more information on protein click here. So get more protein, the right … Continue reading

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I was listening to someone in the gym this week talking about shedding excess water weight.  They were trying to accomplish this through concoctions and water pills, diuretics. I caution against this because the consequences of depleting your body of … Continue reading

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I was asked the other day at the gym what I thought about over the counter (OTC) testosterone boosters or igniters. Products that can be taken without a prescription that boosts your testosterone levels. Although I have never tried any of … Continue reading

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How’s that New Year’s Resolution working for you?

Well, one week into the New Year and I already see evidence in the gym of people who made ‘being healthier’ part of their New Year’s resolution. I am always glad to see people do this, especially when it is … Continue reading

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Upward Shrugs

I have done several posts on working out traps.  It is a very neglected body part and one that is hard to train to see results but it is vitally important in overall shoulder strength and appearance.  Remember, if you … Continue reading

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