Upward Shrugs

I have done several posts on working out traps.  It is a very neglected body part and one that is hard to train to see results but it is vitally important in overall shoulder strength and appearance.  Remember, if you want a symmetrical appearance, it is all about creating an optical illusion.  Big traps creates the illusion of big shoulders since they are connected to the delts.

Some of my trap work exercises can be found here, here, here and here.

I saw another unique way of training traps in a YouTube video where the person had a pair of dumbbells held overhead and he would push upwards towards the ceiling.  This is kind of similar to some of the trap exercises I have shown where you do the opposite of a typical pull shrug by working the reverse, like a negative exercise.

I tried it with dumbbells and thought it was ok but I felt it could be made more effective.  With dumbbells, you are limited as to how much weight you can use due to having to get the weight in the upward position to start off with and struggling to balance the dumbbells overhead as you rep out.  Remember, to train traps you need to do high repetitions to burn them out.

So I decided to try this exercise within a Smith machine.  The advantages in my opinion, is that you can handle more weight and have much greater balance since the Smith machine is providing the support which allows you do perform more reps.

So add this twist to your trap workout and watch your shoulders grow and be….Fit Forlife!

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