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I have said many times before, being healthy isn’t just about being physically fit. It is much more than that. A healthy mind and spirit is also needed to round out a healthy lifestyle.

Sometimes life events serve as a reminder as to how true this can be!

As I write this post I sit bedside at the hospital next to my mom. She had chest pains this past Friday and due to her age, 84, it is better to be safe than sorry so I took her to the emergency room.

The good thing is that her EKG and Chest X-Rays checked out to be ok. Her Cardio Enzyme test ruled out any type of heart attack or stroke. However, her BNP enzymes (I won’t go into the medical details of this since I am not a doctor) were elevated. High BNP is a signal that the heart is working too hard and is an indicator of predicting heart failure.

My mom has always been a worrier. Now everyone at some point in their life does, has, and should worry about things. Worrying about something and coming up with a solution is what helps people grow.

But worrying too much, even the littlest things, especially ones you can’t control, is not good for you. A healthy life includes prioritizing what to worry about and knowing which worries you should completely ignore.  Something my mom has always had a hard time dealing with, thus a factor in her test results.

Which brings me to the purpose of my post…

The RichLife

In the past year, I have made it a point to read motivational and inspirational books. I have found that while many are geared towards business, they also apply to every day life. After all, what happens at work; problems, conflict, anxiety, uncertainty, drama, also happens in your personal life.

The last book I read is called The RichLife by Beau Henderson. Although he is a financial planner by profession, his book deals with all kinds of assets outside of just monetary. As he states in his book, your number one asset is yourself, your life, your health. If that is not your top priority, everything regardless of wealth doesn’t matter.

I highly recommend this book for those that want to start going in the right direction of fulfilling a healthy and fruitful lifestyle.

So whatever physical activity you do, make sure you add mind and spiritual exercise in order to be…Fit Forlife



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