Smile and be healthy!

The average person into physical fitness spends a lot of time and money at the gym, buying workout accessories, supplements and proper foods. But did you know that there are other things you can do to improve your overall health that doesn’t cost you anything and may help others at the same time?

Just Smile!

When someone smiles that usually means they are happy or they just heard or saw something that was pleasant.

Smiling is a state of mind. People that smile a lot tend to have a lower heart rate. You are not tense and worked up over something. Even when bad things happen, smiling and trying to make something humorous out of it will take the edge off of the incident or situation that you didn’t like.

Think Good, Not Bad…

Thinking of the good rather than the bad, always looking at the positive side, not the negative side, promotes smiles which in turn, releases the endorphin hormone that suppresses stress. Endorphins are a mood booster.

Smiling causes people to interact with you in a different way. If you have a stern, moody or pouting face, people respond in kind with their guard up. A big smile puts friends, family and more importantly, complete strangers more at ease, more comfortable with you. They may even smile back! Imagine what an endorphin party one can have with a bunch of smiling and laughing people around!

You want to look hot?

Smiling makes you attractive. Yes that’s right, studies have shown that people tend to rate subjects that have pleasant smiles with a higher attraction score than when they were not smiling.

Spread it around…

Smiling is also contagious. No, you won’t come down with the flu, but rather you will make other people smile. In fact, 50% of all people you smile at will smile back. So not only are you relieving stress, lowering your heart rate by smiling, you are helping someone else out as well!

What image do you display?

Smiling also gives off an image. A positive and successful image. Notice during political campaigns how ads look like. A person running for office will always make sure that the image presented always has them smiling. This attracts people, makes them feel at ease and secure.

What a difference a smile makes!



Their opponents on the other hand, will present ads of that same person not smiling. Instead they advertise imagery of the person frowning, sad, giving out a sign of insecurity, caution, lack of control.

So what are you going to do?

So, you want to improve your outlook on life, lift other people’s spirits up, present confidence and look attractive all at the same time? Then SMILE and be…Fit Forlife!

Smile with confidence

Smile with confidence

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