Ab work using a tricep machine…

I have mentioned before that I like trying out new exercises especially when it involves doing them on a machine that is normally not meant for that muscle part.

Today I have such an exercise….Ab crunches using a standard overhead tricep machine.

The beauty of it is that by sitting down and upright, you are taking away the legs and hips from the exercise as well as the arms due to how they are positioned behind the head.  A lot of people tend to pull with their arms or lift with their back when doing ab work.

The key is to concentrate on the crunch and try to extend the range of motion to get that stretch on your core that is vitally important to simulate ordinary life.  After all, we use our core in a three dimensional plane, not in a restricted, one motion only movement.

This is why you see in the video that I like to go side to side and you can even add a twisting movement towards the end for added tension and contraction on the abs.

So try it out and give it a shot.  Just one more way to be…Fit Forlife!

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