Front Deltoid Work Using Cables

As you get older, your joints tend to hurt over years of wear, tear and abuse, especially if you exercise on a consistent basis.

This is why I like to perform a lot of exercises using cables instead of free weights.  It is more passive on the joints meaning it doesn’t stress them to the point that you get pain, you can perform them more correctly, and they seem to provide a more consistent resistance throughout the entire range of motion of the exercise.

Now this doesn’t mean it is better than free weights, they each have their advantages and disadvantages.  All this means is that there are other ways to train muscle groups if one method is painful or if you have injury.

In the video below, this is a quite simple way of hitting front delts on a shoulder press machine but using the machine in a different manner than what it was originally intended for.

Some may ask, why can’t you do this on a regular cable cross over machine.  Well, you can, but when doing it on a cable crossover, your arms are spread much further out causing the upward angle as you raise your arms upwards, to not fully hit the front delts.

In the manner I show in the video below, the starting point has your arms much closer to the sides of your body which activates the front delts in a much more effective way as soon as you start your repetitions.

So give cable work a try and you will find you will be able to work out less pain free in order to stay…Fit Forlife!


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