That guy…

Everyone has unique personalities that set them apart from everyone else.  Without that, this would be a very boring world.  The gym brings in a set of personalities that you otherwise would not see out in public.

You have the ones that are constantly looking at themselves in the mirror.  Not to see if they are performing the exercise correctly, but rather, they just like looking at themselves in the mirror.

You have those that look like they just rolled out of bed (and maybe they did!), and threw on whatever they could find and went to the gym and others that look like they are going out clubbing or a prom and dress impeccably with matching everything including gym bag and headset!

To each their own, live and let live.  If it makes them feel good, go for it!

Then you have what I like to call That guy.  I can only speak of this from a male perspective since you can only observe that guy in the men’s locker room.  I have heard there is a female equivalence in the female locker room however.

So what is That Guy?

It’s the guy that stays naked in the locker room as long as is humanly possible.  If they are getting to the gym in street clothes and changing to their gym clothes, they will go completely naked first, and then do everything and anything to stay naked until there is nothing else left to do but put on their gym clothes to work out.

They will look at themselves in the mirror.  Go to the bathroom.  Weigh themselves. Take their time sorting out their clothes. Even strike up a conversation with a stranger, all the while remaining completely naked.

One would think that That guy would possess a body like a Greek God and are proud of it so why not show it off.  Oh contraire!  They are usually the completely out of shape individual or has more skin rashes than a petri dish at a testing laboratory!  Not that there is anything wrong with any of that, it is after all a gym where people go to get themselves in shape but please, should we all have to share in your naked enjoyment???

When they are done with their workouts, they enthusiastically go back to the locker room, not to shower and get back to street clothes but rather, to get naked again and stay that way for a while!

They will strip down, again, do a once over in the mirror.  Go to the bathroom again, wash their hands, and take all the time in the world to put their sweaty clothes in the gym bag.  Mosey on down to the shower.  And if there is a sauna or steam room, eureka! An opportunity to go back and forth between shower and sauna, all the while being completely naked.

Then they get out, with towel in hand.  Go back to the sink and mirror.  Slowly, and I do mean slowly, shave, brush their hair, apply deodorant, strike up another conversation with a complete stranger, lay out their street clothes, put their socks on first, their T-Shirt on next, maybe go back to the mirror again (you are starting to get the picture aren’t you?), then finally, with a frown on their face, finally put on their underwear and pants.

It is a phenomenon that I have seen over and over in my 40 years of working out in gyms.  Again, not that there is anything wrong with it, but it is something that newbies to a gym get an initial shock to.

So whether you are that guy or not, expect a little bit of everything in terms of personalities in a gym in order to get…Fit Forlife!

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