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If you have been reading my blog for any period of time, you know I am a true believer in always throwing your body a curve ball.  This means, changing your routines from time to time.  There are many variations of doing this that I have covered.

Your body is an amazing machine.  Through natural selection (for all your Darwinians out there) or through divine intellectual design (for all you of faith), the body has a tremendous capability to adapt to whatever physical and mental challenges you put it through.  Your body always looks at how to perform the task at hand with the greatest amount of efficiency.

So what happens when you have been training awhile is that you get stale and bored because your workout routine becomes mundane and boring.

The great news however, is that your body can also be easily confused.  Any variation to a routine throws the body off since it just experienced the unexpected.  There is no greater way to shock the body than to put it through boot camp style training.

Why Boot Camp?

The more muscles you engage in a movement (known as compound movements) the more calories are burned and testosterone produced.  Yes, ladies produce testosterone too but nowhere near as much as men so don’t be alarmed if you are female, you are not going to become a man!

There is no better way to shock the bod than to rock a boot camp once a week or every now and then just to kick start your routine.

Things to look for in a Boot Camp…

Ok, so you are ready to start, which one should I do?  That really depends on  your physical activity level.  Boot camps run the spectrum, from the indoor passive ones to the ones that make you think that you just enlisted in the Marines!  So do your homework, most boot camp websites have a curriculum of what you will do.

Some are more geared towards cardio, others more strength training.  Call and ask questions, go to one just to observe then make your decision.

Other things to look for are the qualifications of the instructors.  Are they certified?  How long have they been running these boot camps?  Is the location and times convenient for you?

Other reasons why they are beneficial…

Boot camps are a great way to burn calories quickly because you are engaging multiple muscles.

They are perfect for those that hate training along and get along better with a small group to push and encourage each other.

Most combine cardio with resistance for a full body workout.

They build confidence because you can track progress.

Boca Raton area…

I am starting to dabble in boot camps.  Another certified instructor and myself are starting to experiment with different types of circuits to maximize all the above.

We want to make it challenging but also make it fun!

We will be driving the business here.

For a quick look at our first beta test, enjoy the video…

So join us in the fun to get…Fit Forlife!


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