Apple Cider Vinegar….receives a thumbs up!

Fads come and go especially when it comes to exercise and diets. So when I heard about apple cider vinegar I said, here we go again, another supplement that cures all!

So what is Apple Cider Vinegar?

First we have to define vinegar. This is a liquid that is composed of acetic acid and water. The acetic acid is created through fermentation of ethanol and an acetic acid bacteria.

So apple cider vinegar basically means that the vinegar comes from the fermentation of cider (unfiltered apple juice) or apple. This is a two-step process. Step one is to ferment the apple or cider with yeast producing a form of alcohol followed by adding the acetic acid bacteria to come up with apple cider vinegar.

Health Benefits…

Some acidic liquids have long been believed to have the ability to promote weight loss. Vinegar gas been used for thousands of years to clean wounds for example. And yes, people were fermenting way back then!!!

Additional nutrients in apple cider vinegar gives this acidic liquid many other health benefits.

The one that most people hear about is helping with weight loss. Since vinegar helps lower blood sugar and stabilize insulin which is what regulates fat burning, it makes sense that this could be true. While controlling blood sugar levels it proves to be a great supplement for those with Type 2 Diabetes.

Having some just before a meal can help prevent indigestion so for people that have a weak stomach, this could be beneficial.

Apple cider vinegar in rat studies have shown that it can lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels as well as blood pressure through the antioxidant chlorogenic acid. These are three major contributors to heart disease.

Additional benefits…

Others have claimed other benefits gained other than ingesting it.  Some of these include relieving sore throats due to its antibacterial properties, helping in skin conditions like bug bites and sunburns and helping to remove warts.

Apple Cider for the body…

Taking advantage of its anti-bacterial and anti-0xidant properties, people use it as a hair rinse, facial toner, deodorant and mouth rinse!

It’s not just for the body!

Other uses around the house and yard include it being used as a natural cleaning agent, weed killer, deodorizer, and for washing your veggies and fruits.

How much and how often?

You can take it in pill form but I prefer the more natural liquid method.

Some people use it in their cooking. That is ok but I have always felt something natural especially like a liquid loses some of its properties when subjected to heat. I have no proof of this, just a superstition I have always had.

I prefer the old fashion way, 1-2 teaspoons a day added to a small cup of water first thing in the morning. Make sure you don’t overdo the dosage since too much of a good thing is a bad thing!

So add a little apple cider vinegar and become…Fit Forlife!

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