Training and eating while on the road…

Many people fail in their exercise and meal plan due to work that requires travel. There are many reasons for this. The unpredictability of your travel such as frequency and duration play a large factor. Where you are going and staying is also a factor. Frame of mind while traveling can also deter your workouts and eating habits.


All the above can be overcome by planning, planning and more planning.

First, work on your mindset. Make a commitment to yourself that you will be active and that you will eat clean. If your mind is not into it, any other plans go right out the window.

Discipline is next. While some people can mentally prepare themselves, not many have the discipline to properly execute the plan.

Do some research…

While planning your business trip, pick your hotel based on where you want to train. If you belong to a ‘big box’ gym like LA Fitness or 24 Hour Fitness, see if they are located where you are going to be.

The advantage of going to a big box gym that you belong to is familiarity. You pretty much know how they are laid out so your training can be pretty much the same as if you were at home.

Personally, I like trying out new things so even if I did belong to a big box gym, I always seek out smaller gyms in the area just so I can try out different types of equipment. Variety and shocking the muscles with something new has many advantages.

One word of precaution however, when you do go to a smaller gym check them out first to make sure they have the bare minimum of what you will need for a good workout plus check their hours of operation since the only time you may have to work out due to your work schedule may find that the gym you are going to is closed! Believe me, this has happened more than once to me!

Checking them out can be done by going to their website. If they don’t have a website, some warning whistles should start going off in your head that this gym may be ill equipped. Also, give them a call and ask them what kind of equipment they have such as free weights, dumb bells, benches, Hammer Strength machines, lockers and showers.

One last resort if none of the above is available is to train at the hotel you are staying. This can be dicey because most hotels have horrible training facilities. They consider a broom closet with a rusted out multi-station weight machine to be state of the art. If there are no gyms near where you need to be, then start choosing your hotel based on their training facilities.

Again, go to their website. Those that pride themselves in training facilities will show it off. One thing I have noticed over the years is that some of the better hotel chains are starting to provide some decent training facilities to cater to millennials.

Work out around your work schedule…

With all this homework done, now figure out when you are going to train. This will all depend on your work schedule. If you can control the work schedule, take advantage of this by planning it around your work outs based on when you prefer to train.

However, this convenience hardly occurs and you find that the work schedule dictates when you can train which may be when you normally do not train. This is where mental attitude and discipline comes in for a successful trip.

I normally like to train early in the morning, 5AM or during lunch time. However, my last couple of trips have forced me to throw that schedule out the window and train at night. Since gyms can really get busy after 6PM (people getting off work) plan to train as close to 5PM as possible to get the more popular exercises out of the way or around 8PM where the gym traffic dies down considerably.

Meal Plans…

Again, travelling can put a strain on your meal plans. There are several things you can do to alleviate or work around this.

If your travel is by car, I always bring a cooler with several meals packed in ice. Some people will say, you are on a company per diem, why would you eat your own food when they could be paying for it?

Well for one thing, most companies provide for three meals or a total amount daily. I eat more than three meals a day so this just won’t cut it. Secondly, I am looking out for my health. This trumps taking advantage of any company per diem.  I have skipped many hotel provided breakfasts because they were not healthy choices and paid for breakfast myself since the company would not pay for it due to the hotel providing that meal.

So bringing a cooler with you helps in fitting in an extra meal or replacing a meal when the location you are staying does not suit your needs.

When I do go out, I stick with fish and chicken as healthy choices and I have found many restaurants are becoming health conscious by cooking foods for you a certain way if you tell them you have dietary restrictions.


Another trick that I use is supplementation especially if you can’t bring a cooler with you because you have to travel by plane. This involves bringing sandwich bags filled with my Whey and Casein protein powder as well as Quest Bars which are great in providing good amounts of fiber, protein and with very little sugar content.  Click on image below to order:

So no matter what kind of business travel you do, if you plan ahead of time, mentally prepare yourself, and you are disciplined, you can still maintain a pretty healthy training and meal plan.

Don’t let business travel interrupt being…Fit Forlife!

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