Relax and Exercise at the same time, Red Coconut RV Park

It is always great to get away from it all to relax and do some of the things you enjoy most.  For us, that’s beach time, bike time, just laying around time.

One of the great things about living in Florida if you love the beach is that you can have the Atlantic type beaches or the Gulf type beaches and there is a difference.

West Coast versus East Coast beaches…

The east coast of Florida has always been more commercialized than the west coast, i.e. more crowded and expensive.

Most of the east coast beaches have coarser sand which sticks to your feet and it is virtually impossible to ride your bikes on unless you have special ‘beach’ tires.  The sand also retains heat a lot more than west coast sand which means flip flips or some kind of foot covering during the mid-day sun.

East coast beaches have better water clarity which is great for divers and snorkelers since there are many reefs, some swimming distance from shore, to enjoy undersea marine life.  Nice rolling waves also makes it popular for surfing, body or skim surfing.

You also get to enjoy beautiful ocean sunrises, if you are willing to get up really early.  One other thing it has that many people do not talk about as much but is just as spectacular are moon risings over the ocean.  During full moon, that scene can be quite spiritual.

West coast beaches on the other hand have super fine sand, almost like powder. It comes off your feet easily, it packs extremely hard close to shore meaning you can ride your bikes along the beach without the need for special tires.

West coast beaches also have much calmer waters, is very shallow and not great for snorkeling or diving due to lack of reefs within any proximity to the shore.

You do get to enjoy sunsets and dolphins feeding just a few yards away from shore.

Estero and Fort Myers Beach…

Since we live on the east coast just a few minutes from the beach, whenever we want a quick getaway, we go to the west coast.  This four day trip was to Estero, Florida adjacent to Fort Myers beach.  You really can’t tell the difference between the two towns as they run right into each other.  It is your atypical Florida beach town, really laid back, nice little restaurants, plenty of beach activities, a pier and amazing sunsets.

This time we went glamping which is defined as camping in an RV with all the amenities; electric, water, cable and internet!

Red Coconut RV Park…

Red Coconut RV Park

Red Coconut RV Park

We decided to stay in Red Coconut RV Park which has spaces RIGHT ON THE BEACH!  It had great reviews although quite pricey on the beach side but since it was a four day getaway, well worth it IMO.

We got a spot in the second row from the beach which meant an entire 30 second walk to hit the sand!  One thing you will find when you camp with RV’ers is that it is like belonging to a special club, everyone is really friendly and helpful especially if you are new to this.

Doesn't get better than this!

Doesn’t get better than this!

Fort Myers and Estero really do things well.  Anywhere you go, you instantly are in ‘relax’ mode.  How can you be stressed living right on the beach and feeling soft ocean breezes all day long.

They have an amazing library for such a small town and a great little water park for kids and adults for only 5 dollars per adult and 3 dollars per child…

park 2

Bay Oaks Recreational Campus Entrance

Bay Oaks Recreational Campus Entrance

Bay Oaks Recreational Campus Water Park

Bay Oaks Recreational Campus Water Park

Hammerhead Gym…

Without any advanced planning, which is very unusual for me, there happened to be a tiny little gym next to a 7-11 right across the street from the RV park called Hammerhead Gym.  I love small town gyms because usually they have old style lifting equipment which hits the muscles a little differently than todays modern machines.  There are advantages to ‘throwback’ training 🙂

Hammerhead Gym early morning

Hammerhead Gym early morning

They charge only 10 dollars per workout which is on the low end of standard pricing and was quite impressed with the variety of equipment they had.  Of course we could not pass up an opportunity to catch a couple of leisurely workouts.  Just something about having no worries, totally relaxed and enjoying nature then mixing it in with some good exercise.

I wonder why they call it Hammerhead Gym?

I wonder why they call it Hammerhead Gym?

Did I say Sunsets?

The main reason we came to the west coast though was to enjoy the sunsets and we were not disappointed.  Every day people within the RV park would bring their beach chairs to shore, along with a cooler full of their favorite adult beverage, and watched in a trance as the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico.

It was especially cool when you could see storm cells miles off the coast adjacent to those sunsets.  It reminded you have how powerful nature really is.

Rain and Fire!

Rain and Fire!

This was one four day weekend that revitalized the body, mind and soul which is a great way to stay…Fit Forlife!

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