Compound Movements

If you want to increase calories burned and jack up testosterone production a little higher, doing combination movements are the best way to do this.

Examples of these are power cleans rather than deadlift.  Snatches instead of high pulls.  Clean and press rather than presses, etc, etc,

Another thing I like about compound movements is that it saves you time when your training session is going to be limited.  You get the most out of the time you have.

Over the years I have come up with unique exercises through creative thinking or just dumb luck.  Well dumb luck hit me recently!

The other day I was doing seated calf raises and my workout bag was behind me.  My cell phone inside my workout bag started ringing.  Expecting an important call I reached over and down to grab it while performing the calf raises.  I noticed it gave my abs and oblique’s a good stretch and contraction!

So after the call, I proceeded to experiment with this strange compound movement, calf raises and crunches of all things!  Who would have thought you could have put these two together.  Almost as bizarre as chocolate and peanut butter right?  🙂

So below is a YouTube video showing how this can be done.  Of course there are all kinds of variations and you can always add a plate to hold across your chest while you perform the crunches.

Lifting up towards the ceiling while coming up and going side to side hits your core from different angles as well.

So enjoy and remember, always try something new to be…Fit Forlife!

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