One arm lat pull-downs…

One of my favorite body parts to train is the back.  I have posted articles on this muscle group.  After legs, it is the strongest part of your body.  It also has the most variety of muscles.

As such, I blast the back with 6-8 different exercises per training session.  I use wide grip and narrow grip.  Lat pull-downs and seated rows.  I also throw in different kinds of set/rep combinations like 4X, 4-1-1 sets, ladder sets, etc.

I look for different ways of adding a twist to a common exercise just to make it different and target the muscle at a different angle.

Recently I saw someone performing lat pull-downs alternating each arm performing the rep.  What I liked about that is that while the left arm was pulling down, the right arm was stretched towards the top.  So the right side was getting a nice lat stretch while the left arm was pulling down further than normal and getting a great contraction.  What a way to have your cake and eat it too! Maximum range of motion.

The only twist I added to this exercise was to perform a normal rep after every alternating one arm rep as shown in the video.

Add this trick to your back workout in order to be…Fit Forlife!

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