Shoulder Presses with a twist!

When working out shoulders there are three components that you must hit in order to train them properly.  They are front, side and rear delts (deltoids).  Each side has a variety of exercises that you can perform to target that area.

One exercise I see guys perform to nail the front delts (and a little bit of triceps) is kneeling or standing T-Bar presses as shown below…

Standing T Bar Presses

Standing T Bar Presses

Kneeling T Bar Presses

Kneeling T Bar Presses










While this is one way to hit the front delts, doing them kneeling down takes a toll on the knees.  Performing them standing up can become difficult when lifting it off the floor in order to get started.

So I look at machines around the gym that allows me to perform this motion taking those two deficiencies out of the equation.  Fortunately I have such a machine in the gym and you may too.

The video below depicts performing the same motion but on a machine that allows me to move the handles inward or outward.  Performing them this way takes away from straining the knees and preserves the back since you do not have to lift the T-Bar off the floor.  You also have greater control in the motion as well as the weight used.

Another way to perform this exercise if you do not have a machine that allows the handles to move as shown above, is to use a Smith machine and hold the bar with a close grip and perform the exercise that way.  The only thing I dont like about this method is that the palms facing forward tends to hit the triceps too much.  I have found that placing the palms facing you is better.

Below is an example of this method with the hands spaced further apart but they can be done with a closer grip as mentioned.

So give this shoulder workout twist a try in order to be…Fit Forlife!

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