Upper Pec and Front Delt Exercise

I always love coming up with new ways to hit the muscles outside of the ordinary exercises that are commonly used.

I came up with a new way of hitting front delts and upper pecs at the same time. The idea came to me as I was watching someone doing upward front flyes while at the same time, someone was doing incline benches on a Hammer Smith machine nearby.

It does not take much weight to hit these muscles and you can control the pace to maximize the amount of time the muscles are under tension.

There are two key elements to make this exercise effective. First is foot/body position.  Make sure you are standing up and away from the bench so your body is leverage in a way that when you start the exercise you aren’t pushed back.

Secondly, place your hands with palms facing upward.

Concentrate on range of motion as you move your arms from the side of your body and motion them upward towards the ceiling.

Try it, I think you will get a good burn and a great way to add it to a superset of either incline bench presses or front shoulder presses.

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