Shoulder Presses

Here is another most recent exercise I came up with using this unique bar at the gym.  This bar is used mostly for pulling exercises like shrugs and bent over rows and sometimes for pushing like squats where you squat down to the floor and push up.

I decided to see if it could also be used for pushing to workout the shoulders.  Yes it can!  The hardest part is finding a squat rack that can hold the bar while you position yourself within it in order to get started.  The rack I am using is spaced far enough apart that it allows me to put weight on it as well.

The bar is already pretty heavy so it doesn’t take many plates before it becomes hard to do.

As  you can see, when lowering the bar it allows the hands to be much lower than if I was using a regular bar where the movement stops right at the clavicles.  With this bar you can go deeper giving you a longer range of motion.  It simulates that of using a set of dumbbells but better in my opinion.

Give it a try and never be afraid to experiment in the gym with equipment that is meant for one body part but can be substituted to work out another body part.

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