With over 40 years of fitness and nutrition experience, I can usually tell what works, what doesn’t, what’s a fad, gimmick or pure rip-off and what is beneficial.

This is why the Services page is broken down into four components:

Nutrition – What type of meal plans exist, their benefits and value to what you are trying to accomplish.

Supplements – Probably the most confusing subject when it comes to fitness.  Everyone seems to have the ‘silver bullet’ to your desire.  I will give you my opinion on many of these products.

Equipment – It’s late at night and you are watching fitness ads. If you use this device you will develop six pack abs, etc, etc.  I cut through all the red tape. What works, what doesn’t based on my opinion.

Training – Another late night and yes, more TV ads.  How to get a sculpted body working out just 30 minutes a day, how to get a sculpted body working out 20 minutes a day.  The real truth about training and staying in shape.

For all product and service reviews; the good, the bad and the ugly, go to my Review page.